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Shows & Booking


Thousands of bands, artists, filmmakers and various performers have passed through our back room in our 10+ years, and more than a few have found their own measure of success. If you’d like to play a show, show a film, host a dance party, throw a benefit, or whatever, please read the following:


We provide a PA, a small performance space, and some promotion, but we suggest you send 5 posters, ask any local bands you are connected with to put up posters, and generate interest through your website, Facebook, etc. KAOS Radio will make free announcements for their events calendar. The Olympia Power & Light periodical will also place shows in their events calender for free, if you contact them.

Our shows are almost always free. If you’re interested in booking a band or an event at Le Voyeur, please write to: OR

with the date(s) you’re interested in and some info on your band or event. Please direct me to somewhere for MP3s of your band (Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, anything goes).

We can also rent out our back room for garage sale-type events. Give us $10 and you’ve got the back room from 11:30 AM to 6 PM. Contact us if you’re interested.

Booking FAQ

We are a small venue which caters to all performers whether in music, film, dance, or art. We offer a full PA and video projector. We are not a big club with a big stage, contracts, talent buyers, or “industry” connections.

THE ROOM/”STAGE”: There is not a “sound guy” . There is a 4 channel (2-XLR, 2-stereo 1/4 inch, 1-RCA input) PA with a Powered Mackie Sub and 2- Mackie Powered sa1521 speakers. Microphones are in the stands or can be checked out at the bar in exchange for a valid photo ID. There are 2 mic stands and cords. There are stage lights, but there is no stage.

The mixer is in a lock box with the levels set as high as possible for the room without mic feedback. The mics are in the stands already; you just need to turn them on. There is a 1/4 inch cord coming out of the box (preset) and a RCA (also preset) for various needs (amps, mixers, keyboard, drum mach.) To adjust these, use the levels on your amps, keyboard or mixers accordingly.

For out of the country bands: We have NO BACK END available. Please arrange to borrow or rent gear beforehand.

MONEY/HOSPITALITY: You are not getting paid. Each performer does receive 2 drinks: well or beer on tap.

Most bands also ask for donations or charge a small cover ($3-5) at the entrance to the show and run their own door. Every band on the bill must agree to the cover and the end of the night split. Usually locals donate their cut to the touring bands but nothing should be assumed. Issues with guest lists must be resolved by the bands themselves preferably prior to the night of the show. Please arrange for someone to work the door beforehand, we cannot do that for you.

ONCE YOU GET HERE: You may load in using the alley any time, but if there are multiple bands do not load in unless you plan to play first, as space is limited. Bands decide their own order, shows start at 10PM and everyone is heading out the door no later than 1:30AM.

THE REST OF THE BILL: We can’t always promise local support on the bill, try to make your own contacts.

MINORS: All shows are 21+. If your band has performers who are under 21, you can still perform here after 10PM, please talk to us about it. If you are interested in booking all ages shows, we are happy to discuss a time with you.

PROMOTION: If you do have promo materials, please mail it to us or e-mail flyers that we can print out. If you do not have a flyer design, we can provide you with a basic design that we will print out.

This is how it is. And if you don’t like it, you can lump it.