Thousands of bands, artists, filmmakers, and various performers have passed through our back room in our 15+ years, and more than a few have found their own measure of success.

If you would like to play a show, show a film, host a dance party, throw a benefit, or anything else performative then…

(after that, please send an e-mail to:


You’ve just booked a show at Le Voyeur. Here’s what you should know:

We are a venue that caters to every type of act be it music, film or performance.

  1. THE ROOM/STAGE: There is no sound person nor formal sound check. There is a mackie 1202vlz mixer (4 XLR, 4 stereo ¼”) going into a Sub and 2- Mackie sa1521speakers.  There are 2 mics, stands, and cords. The PA will be set to optimum levels prior to you getting there, so do your best to play to the room rather than futz with the knobs please, especially if you went to Full Sail.  We have a screen and projector which accepts VGA or Thunderbolt (unless someone yanked the adapter). Ask the staff about getting the remote to make it work.
  1. MONEY/HOSPITALITYYou are not getting paid. Each performer receives 1 drink ticket: well or beer on tap, and a side salad or soup.  This is at the bartender’s discretion: if you have been obnoxious to them, they might cut you off…


***Most bands ask for donations or charge a small

cover at the entrance to the show and run their own door. 

They also sell merch at a table near the entrance.  Usually locals donate

some of their cut to the touring bands but nothing should be assumed. 

  1. ALL AGES VS 21 + SHOWS: We host both all ages shows (6pm-10pm) and 21+ (10pm-1:30AM) shows. Washington State law does not allow under 21 persons in an entertainment venue after 10pm in the audience so all ages shows should be DONE WITH THE MUSIC no later than 9:45PM, so you have time to pack out. We are happy to consider afternoon matinee shows as well on the weekends and select weekdays.

4.ONCE YOU GET HERE:  You may load in using the alley. We encourage bands to load in and out one at a time prior to their sets to save space. If you are in the later show and there is an earlier lineup, do not assume you can drag your gear in before 10pm.

Bands decide their own order.

All ages shows start at 6pm, music over at 9:45PM and bands

and people cleared out by 10pm when the 21+ show begins.

We recommend 45 minutes per band INCLUDING SETUP AND TEARDOWN TIME.  

3 bands on a weeknight (Sun-Thurs) and 4 bands on Friday and Saturdays. YMMV.

5.THE REST OF THE BILL:  Most bills come to us mostly, if not fully formed. Ultimately, bands are responsible for the bill as well as notifying me of the lineup.  There are too many shows for us to coordinate dedicated local support for everyone. We will do our best to see that you are not playing all by yourself at 11PM on a Tuesday (sometimes that means rechsuedling).

If you have no friends/contacts in Oly and want to try and hit up people that live in town, I have found that searching Facebook,  Reverb Nation and/or BandCamp are pretty decent places to start . 

  1. 8. GETTING THE WORD OUT: If you do have promo material, send it to the address below. We do not make FB events but if you make a FB event, e-mail me the link and we’ll add it to our page. As long as I have the lineup info, I will add it to our online calendar as well.

I am happy to answer any additional questions you have after reading this. 

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